6th EASA/EU International Cooperation Forum

The Director General and The Chief Of Flight Safety, BCAA is currently attending the 6th EASA/EU International Cooperation Forum at Cologne, Germany scheduled from 19th October – 20th October 2017.

There are more than 100 participants from over 40 Countries attending the Forum.


Picture Courtesy: Director General, BCAA

EASA SMS/SSP Implementation Training

Implementation training on SMS (Safety Management System) / SSP (State Safety Program) is being held w.e.f 26th September – 4th October 2017 at the Flight Operations Conference Hall.

A SMS/SSP system is a series of defined, organization-wide processes that provide for effective risk-based decision making related to Aviation’s daily business.


Around 18 Participants are attending the training from the two Airlines, RBHSL, DoAT and BCAA which is being conducted by Resource Persons from EASA, CAA from UK.

Courtesy: Sangay Wangdi & Bap Tobgay

Meeting On BCAA Disaster Management

A brief Meeting Chaired by the Director General with all the employees of BCAA was conducted today the 31st August 2017. Preparedness and immediate Action Plans to be put in place during the time of emergencies and disaster (Both Natural and Aviation disasters) were discussed.

e-Gov Awareness & Innovation Workshop

Led by the Director General and relevant officials from DITT, MoIC, Thimphu met with the employees of BCAA and DoAT to deliver a brief talk on the Government’s plans on ICTization of Governance and linking of all Government Agencies with the TWAN (Government Intranet Network) to ease and speed up the delivery of various Government service delivery to the general public at large.

The session convened at 10.00 AM and concluded at 12.00 PM.

SARI Part 66 Implementation Workshop

SARI (South Asia Regional Initiative) Part 66 Implementation Workshop is being held at the BCAA Conference Hall w.e.f 21-24 August 2017 conducted by the SARI Experts from the other member countries.

SARI Part 66 is a harmonized Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Staff Licensing Regulation developed for the South Asian Countries based on the Agreement signed among the South Asian States after the termination of the EU-South Asia Technical Co-operation Project.

News Courtesy: Chief of Flight Safety

Sensitization on 12th FYP Program Formulation

The 12th FYP sensitization/facilitation programme formulation for BCAA and DoAT is being conducted by MoIC PPD today the 17th August 2017 at Paro International Airport, DoAT Conference hall.
GNHC has endorsed and shared the Program Formulation Guidelines to all the PPDs. The Program formulation is the 2nd step for formulating the 12th plan after identification of NKRAs and AKRAs.
Program formulation is the crux of the FYP process that help us achieve AKRAs that will contribute to achieving NKRAs. The programme will cover implementing strategy, multi-year programme matrix, programme monitoring matrix, key collaborating partners and GNH domain effect.
12FYP sensitization

MoIC at the 16th National Graduate Orientation Program

Ministry of Information and Communications led by Hon’ble Minister accompanied by Department Heads from BCAADITT,DoATDoIMRSTA and PPD attended the Graduate Orientation briefing today.


MoIC grad-orientation1

54th Conference Of Director Generals Of Civil Aviation – ASIA & PACIFIC REGION

Hon’ble Dasho Secretary of MoIC,Director General of BCAA and Director of DoAT is attending the 54th Conference of Director General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Region (“the 54th DGCA Conference”) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which is scheduled from 07 to 11 August 2017.

For details, please visit the link below.


DG Conference1 DG Conference2

MaX Mock Moderation Exercise

A brief training on MaX Mock Moderation Exercise was conducted for the BCAA employees by the concerned official from the RCSC on the afternoon of 1st August 2017 here at the BCAA conference hall. All Employees were briefed on the new performance/work appraisal formats and formalities while submitting the IWPs in line with the Agency/Division APA targets, which is to be done online with the coming fiscal year.IMG_20170801_143047 IMG_20170801_154543 IMG_20170801_154548 IMG_20170801_155227 IMG_20170801_155301

Designated Medical Examiner (DMEs) Course

Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority is conducting the Designated Medical Examiner (DMEs) Course from 17th to 28th July 2017 at BCAA, Paro.  Some eight Doctors are participating from the South Asian States of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, for the enhancement of safety, regularity and efficiency in civil aviation. This program is under the COSCAP-SA and is financed by a Trust Fund, which consists of Member States’ annual subscriptions and contributions of donor agencies including Partners such as EU (EASA), Air Bus etc.

IMG_20170718_144100 IMG_2658 IMG_20170718_144057

By the end of this course DMEs will demonstrate an understanding of the following through presentation and interactive discussion:

  • Foundation topics: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), structure of a typical EU CAA, the concept of airworthiness and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • Knowledge in the Design and Production field: Design Organisation Approval process, certification of large and small aircraft, rotorcraft, flight handling, propulsion regulation, power plant installation, aircraft equipment approvals, installation approval, structures
  • Requirements regarding continuing airworthiness: maintenance and reliability programmes, airworthiness and avionics, ageing aircraft, quality in aircraft maintenance, engineer licensing, SARI/EASA Part 145 approved organisations and the Air Operators Certificate
  • Quality in aircraft maintenance and engineer licensing
  • Identify with flight operations and maintenance: The Air Operators Certificate, aerial work and corporate aircraft and MMEL
  • Knowledge regarding interfaces: accident and occurrence reporting, flight data recording analysis and aircraft accident prevention