Sensitization on 12th FYP Program Formulation

ICT BCAA   August 17, 2017   Comments Off on Sensitization on 12th FYP Program Formulation
The 12th FYP sensitization/facilitation programme formulation for BCAA and DoAT is being conducted by MoIC PPD today the 17th August 2017 at Paro International Airport, DoAT Conference hall.
GNHC has endorsed and shared the Program Formulation Guidelines to all the PPDs. The Program formulation is the 2nd step for formulating the 12th plan after identification of NKRAs and AKRAs.
Program formulation is the crux of the FYP process that help us achieve AKRAs that will contribute to achieving NKRAs. The programme will cover implementing strategy, multi-year programme matrix, programme monitoring matrix, key collaborating partners and GNH domain effect.
12FYP sensitization