Advisory Circular: 
Advisory Circular
1.AIR Application Forms:
Application for Registration of Aircraft
2. AIR BCAA Forms:
BCAA Form 1
BCAA Form 2 – Fillable EU
BCAA Form 4
BCAA Form 6
BCAA Form 13
BCAA Form 19
3. AIR Certificates
BCAA Form 3 – 145 Approval Certificate Fillable EU
BCAA Form 14 – M Approval Certificate Fillable EU
Ceritficate of Registration Fillable EU
Certificate of Airworthiness Fillable EU
Radio Station Approval Fillable EU
Special Flight Permit Certificate Fillable EU
Type Acceptance Certificate Fillable EU
4. AIR Checklist
AFS Checklist
AMP Checklist
CoA Checklist
SAFA_Ramp Checklist
Special Flight Permit Checklist
AIR Application and Certificate Index
AIR Checklist Index