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Aerodome | འབྲུག་ཞི་བའི་མཁའ་འགྲུལ་དབང་འཛིན།


The Aerodrome Standards and Safety division is entrusted with the following
duties and responsibilities:

  1. Administrative inspection of the aerodrome safety management system,including such items as snow and ice control plans; current NOTAMs;medical and RFF training records; aviation fuel suppliers’ safety records; fuelling agents’ certificates and fire safety training records; documentation of the annual review of the aerodrome emergency plan, including full-scale emergency exercises, and the aerodrome operator’s records of the safety audits of fixed-base operators, ground handling agents and other agencies engaged in airside activities.
  2. Movement area inspection including the inspection and checking of runways and taxiways in order to ascertain the condition of pavements,markings, lighting, signs, shoulders, strips and runway end safety areas; checking for potentially hazardous conditions if construction work is in progress, such as excavations, trenches, stockpiled material, inadequate construction area markings, construction equipment in the movement area and inadequate marking and lighting of temporary thresholds; checking ground vehicle operations in the movement area to verify that only authorized vehicles have access to the area and that the required procedures are being followed, the vehicles are properly marked and the drivers know and use the proper communication terminology; checking that the public is protected against unauthorized entry to the movement area and against jet or propeller blast; checking for wildlife hazards and wildlife attractants, and checking landing direction indicators and wild direction indicators.
  3. Rescue and fire-fighting including the checking of training records; random testing of the knowledge of fire-fighters; checking that the equipment is in position, is functional and meets the category requirements; conducting a time response drill; checking the alarm system; checking and examining proximity suits, other protective clothing and fire-fighting and rescue tools and supplies in the inventory.
  4. Fuel facilities including the examination of the inspection records by qualified and authorized personnel, particularly checking that the aerodrome fire-fighting standards are adequately covered in the inspection checklist, and spot checking, including fuel sampling, for
    compliance with the applicable requirements.

Other areas of work:

  • Compliance and Enforcements, Safety audits, safety functions, Notifications to AIS and other organisations and Aerodrome standars.
  • Audit and Inspection: Establish a separate safety oversight entity and a well defined safety oversight mechanism, supported by appropriate legislation, to carry out the functions of Aerodrome certification and safety regulation of aerodrome.
  • Implement an Aerodrome certification procedure whereby a state certifies an aerodrome through the approval/acceptance of the aerodrome manual submitted by the aerodrome operator.
  • Developing the Aerodrome regulation, Aerodrome certification Procedure Manual, Aerodrome Standards, Aerodrome inspectors handbook etc.
  • Responsible for making studies and surveys for the new domestic and international airports within the country. The studies are both done for the technical evaluation of the sites and the operational evaluations on the chosen type of aircraft, runway length and orientation, type of operation, aerodrome reference code, passenger terminal layout and building programme and assessment of the land requirements.
  • Certification of aerodrome: Receiving, recording, reviewing and processing, in cooperation with the Flight Operations Division of the DCA, the expressions of interest received from an intending applicant for an aerodrome certificate;
  • Receiving, recording, reviewing and processing, in cooperation with the flight operation division of the DCA, the formal application for an aerodrome certificate, including the initial inspection covering the review of the aerodrome manual, on site verification, inspection and testing of aerodrome particulars, facilities and equipments, including aeronautical studies, if and where permitted by the standards and practices. Inspection of airport maintenance organization, Surveillance of maintenance organization and aerodrome operators, aerodrome
    administration, implementing regulation and requirements. Controlling of the constructions activities in and around the airport according to the ICAO obstacle limitation surfaces requirements.
  • Conducting regular audit and inspection of the aerodrome for initial and continued certification.

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