Air Ticket Quotation

BCAA invites sealed quotation for the supply of air ticket (Paro-Male-Paro) as detailed in the attachment below.
Air Ticket

Bhutan Civil Aviation Requirements-Foreign Non-Schedule Flight Approval

The Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority is please to issue Bhutan Civil Aviation Requirements-Foreign Non-Schedule Flight Approval  establishing Authority requirements for all the non-schedule operators wishing to operate to and within Bhutan.

This BCAR-FNFA shall supersede all the requirements issued earlier. It shall come into effect from 1Sept 2023.

To Download BCAR-FNFA

Issue of Air Traffic Controller License

For the first time in the history of civil aviation in the country, Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) issued licenses to six Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) of the Department of Air Transport (DoAT) on June 8, 2022. Over a simple function, the licenses were handed over to the Head of Air Traffic Management (ATM), Mr. Karma Yonten by the Director of BCAA.

The licenses were issued following the successful completion of rigorous training consisting of Initial training and Unit training as per the Air Traffic Controller licensing regulation.

With this license, ATCOs are authorized to provide Aerodrome Control Services at Paro international airport

Aviation Security Screeners & Instructors Certification

Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority handed over the Aviation Security Screener and Instructor Certificates to the Chief of Airport Services Division, DoAT on 18/04/2022.
The certification is carried out in compliance with NCASTP 9.1 & 9.2 to validate the screeners’ and instructors competency in the knowledge and skills required to perform their duties.

International Day for Air Crash Victims

The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has designated 20th February as the International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families.
The staff of the Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) observed the day by offering butter lamps at Dra-Wog Ney-Khang in Paro.

New ICAO Secretary General

26th February 2021
Today, the 36-State governing body of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the ICAO Council, has appointed Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar of Colombia as the new Secretary General of the Organization for a three-year term, beginning 1 August 2021.
He succeeds Dr. Fang Liu of China, who has held the position for two consecutive terms since 2015.
Mr. Salazar was appointed based on his extensive professional experience in the administration of complex organizations at the national, regional and international levels. He is also an expert in aviation law and standards with more than 26 years of experience in international negotiations in the fields of aviation, management, and public policy. Read our news release to learn more:
Our heartfelt felicitations and congratulations to Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar on this very important appointment. Trashi Delek!!!
News Courtesy: ICAO Facebook page

Civil Service Award Ceremony 2020

The Civil Service Award Ceremony in an auspicious manner, was held today (14-12-2020) at the BCAA Conference hall with a Marchang and Zhabten for His Majesty and award of medals and certificates to the recepients according to the number of years in the civil service.

The award recepients are as follows:

Mr. Kinley Wangchuk, Director (Gold)                          – Completion of 30 Years of service

Mr. Sangay Tenzin (Lifetime Service Award-Gold)     – Successful completion of civil service

Mr. Dema Wangdi (Bronze)                                           – Completion of 10 years of service

BCAA Board Chairman with the BCAA Staff at the Award Ceremony

The Award Recepients with the BCAA Board Chairman

The Award Ceremony was graced by the Chairman of BCAA Board, Pemba Wangchuk, the Director General of Department of Traditional Medicine Services.

The Chairman, while congratulating the award recepients, also outlined the importance and inception of such awards which is a direct recognition from the Golden Throne for the dedicated service. He urged and motivated all employees that there is more opportunity for all of us to do more for the public service.

We would like to wish all the recepients our heartfelt Trashi Delek and prayers for continued dedicated service to the Tsa Wa Sum.

Happy Lomba and Trashi Delek!

Training on PPE usage for Airlines’ Personnel

A half day hands on demonstration and training on the usage of PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) was held today (9/3/2020) at the DoAT Conference hall.

The training was carried out specifically for the Airline Crew members as an action plan during health emergencies on board. The participiants were tainined from basic hand washing to full PPE handling techniques with SOPs in detail on the way forward to combat the COVID-19.


The training was organized by MoH and BCAA while the hands on practice and demonstration was carried out by Dr. Chencho Dorji of Gidakom Hospital, Thimphu to the participants.

A second batch of similar training will be conducted for those crew members who were not able to attend today.

Courtesy: PEL Section, BCAA