COVID-19 Information Sharing Teleconference Session with APAC CAA Director Generals

As per the Declaration adopted by the ICAO Council at the Fourth Meeting of the 219th Session on 9 March 2020 relating to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Council in its Declaration stressed the importance of engaging in cross-sector collaboration and the principles of multilateralism, strong international cooperation and coordination among all entities involved in the joint action against this unprecedented pandemic; and urged Member States and stakeholders to foster and implement a culture of collaboration and information sharing among public health and civil aviation authorities.

With reference to the above, a Teleconference session was held amongst the APAC CAA Director Generals on 31 March 2020 from 9.30 AM till12.45 PM. Information and presentations were shared by the member states participants on the current processes and way forward in combating the global pandemic COVID-19 in Aviation.


There were around 30 member states from the South Asia Pacific Region who participated in the teleconference today.

The Director and the Division Chiefs from BCAA attended the virtual coneference.

Combined Action Team (CAT) Mission

Mr. Len Wicks, ICAO APAC Regional Officer (ATM) successfully concluded a three day (02-04 March 2020) Combined Action Team (CAT) mission to assist Bhutan in resolving findings against the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Programme (USOAP) Protocol Questions in the area of ANS, LEG and ORG.
BCAA would like to thank him and the ICAO APAC Regional Office for the  support.
Courtesy: ANSD, BCAA.

COVID19 Coordination Meeting for Aviation Stakeholders

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak escalating worldwide which is an international concern, there is a high risk of the COVID-19 spreading to other countries around the world.

In line with the Ministry of Health taking actions against the COVID-I9 outbreak, a way forward meeting to assist and control its spread by air transport was held today (4th March 2020, 10 AM) for all stakeholders involved in Aviation at the DoAT Conference hall, Paro.

Information and presentations were made on the situations and ongoing activities and the meeting urged all stakeholders in aviation to play a vital role to control the outbreak and spread of this disease nationally and internationally as well.


58th QCM

The 58th QCM (Quarterly Coordination Meeting) was held today at the MoIC Conference Hall. For details on the QCM, click the link below:

Event: 58th Quarterly Coordination Meeting


Courtesy: MoIC Website

7th SARI 145 Working Group Meeting

The 7th SARI 145 Working Group Meeting was held from 17-19 September 2019 among the South Asia CAA at the DOAT Fire Control Conference Hall, Paro.
The objective of the meeting was to discuss the status of implementation of 145 regulation by the member state CAA in order to harmonise SARI 145 in the region.
The Working Group Meeting was attended by the relevant officals from the member states of India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and EASA Experts. Concerned Officials from BCAA, Bhutan Airlines, Drukair and RBHSL also attended the meeting.
Courtesy: Airworthiness Section

Risk Context Writing Workshop

Bhutan Civil Aviation in coordination with Civil Aviation Security Programme- Asia Pacific (CASP-AP) conducted a National Risk Context Statement(RCS) Writing Workshop from 27th – 30th August, 2019.

CASP-AP National RCS workshop is a State-level capacity building exercise and this 4 days interactive workshop was to bring together the key national stakeholders with responsibilities to develop, inform or review the risk assessment, and draw on their knowledge of the operating environment and their understanding of the past events.

To meet the objective of the workshop and to initiate the development of a national RCS, it is very important to have attendees from both the appropriate authority and other government agencies that may have a requirement or be involved in the assessment of threats to the civil aviation.

Relevant officials from the Security Forces, Airlines, RBHSL, DoAT and BCAA attended the workshop.

Courtesy: AVSEC, BCAA

ICAO Indicator (SSP/SMS ) Workshop

BCAA hosted a three day ICAO Indicator Workshop conducted from 05 – 07 August 2019 by COSCAP-SA. The workshop was delivered by the Integrated Aviation Analysis Section of ICAO’s Air Navigation Bureau, Montreal – Canada.

The Workshop was held for the purpose of familiarisation with the process of developing indicators and establishing effective methodology for performance monitoring and management using indicators.

25 Participants from BCAA, DoAT, Drukair, Bhutan Airlines, and RBHSL and  2 Participants from CAA Bangladesh successfully completed the workshop.


Courtesy: ANS Section, BCAA


TRI/TRE Workshop

A one day TRI/TRE Workshop is being held today (18/07/2019) at the Druk Air Flight Ops Conference Hall, Paro Airport in continuation to EU SARI OPS/FCL harmonization.

After the workshop, the regulation will be promulgated and will be ready by next year. The Workshop is attended by TRI/TRE and Senior Pilots from the Airlines.

The workshop is organized by BCAA with the help of CTA Captain Marie Zubryckyj, COSCAP-SA.

Aeronautical SAR Seminar

A one day Aeronautical Search and Rescue (SAR) Seminar was conducted on 18 June 2019 at BCAA, Paro for the stakeholders. The seminar was attended by 12 Participants from BCAA, DoAT-ANSPD, RBHSL, Bhutan Airlines, RBA, RBP/AVSEC (DoAT) and DoAT AFFRS.
The seminar was delivered by the COSCAP-SA CBM SAR Mission Expert from CAA Bangladesh, Mr. M. Ali Reza Khan.
The seminar was organized by BCAA in preparation for Stakeholder consultation of the draft National Aeronautical SAR Plan and SAR Manual.
Courtesy: ANS, BCAA

Audit Technique Course

A Basic Audit Technique Course is being conducted at BCAA from 3-7 June 2019.

Audit Technique Course is conducted to develop skills of the Auditors, both for BCAA and the Operators. This is a capacity development course organised by COSCAP- SA.

There are total of 21 participants from BCAA, DOAT, DRUK AIR, BHUTAN AIRLINES, NCHM (National Centre for Hydrology & Meteorology)

courtesy: Offtg. Chief, ANSD