BCAA Orientation Program for Hon’ble Lyonpo

A short orientation and presentation program for the new Hon’ble Minister for MoIC was held today the 23rd November 2018 in the afternoon hours at BCAA Conference Hall.

CASP-AP Quality Control Workshop

A five days CASP-AP Quality Control Workshop was held from 10-14 September 2018 at the BCAA Conference Hall, Paro.

The Objectives of the Workshop was to:

– review QC implementation
– examine QC outputs against  resource and risk
– conduct basic  QC inspection
– review QC cycle
– identify next QC actions vy BCAA
Relevant Officials from BCAA, DoAT  and  the Airlines attended the Workshop.
Courtesy: Pasang, AVSEC Officer

ANS Post ICVM Debriefing

The ANS (Air Navigation Services) Section of the BCAA, conducted a post ICVM debreifing of the Industry today the 20th August 2018 at the BCAA Conference Hall.

Officials from ANSP division of the DoAT and Aviation Meteorology Section of the NCHM attended the meeting. There was also a discussion on a plan to address the dificiencies identified during the ICVM to inprove the effective implementation of ICAO requirements.

Courtesy: ANS Section

ICVM Meeting for BCAA 2018

The ICVM (ICAO Coordination Validation Mission) for BCAA (Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority) Commences from today the 7th August 2018 at BCAA Complex which will carry on till the 16th of August 2018.

This ICVM will cover all the pre and post 2000 Audits in the areas of LEG, ORG, AIG and AGA and will also address the current PQs both satisfactory and non satisfactory.

The ICVM delegation team comprises of:

– Mr. Nicolas Rallo (NR)

– Mr. Len Wicks (LW)

– Mr. Angelo’s Beligiannis (AB)

On the whole, the purpose of this ICVM will be to verify the implementation of the State’s Oversight Responsibilities and all other ICAO related Tasks.


53rd QCM of MoIC

The 53rd Quarterly Coordination Meeting of the Ministry of Information & Communications was held today the 19th July 2018. For details, follow the link below:


4th Civil Aviation Consultation and Coordination Meeting

The 4th Civil Aviation Consultation and Coordination Meeting Chaired by Hon’ble Dasho Secretary was held on 9th July 2018, which was organised by BCAA and hosted by Bhutan Airlines in Thimphu.

Along with the Coordination Meeting, as required by ICAO,  signing of the Letter of Agreement (LoA) between DoAT (ANSP) and NHMC (MET Authority) was also held.

RSOO Meeting

A Feasibility Study Meeting was held today the 15th June 2018 on RSOO (Regional Safety Oversight Organisation). The meeting was held between the concerned officials of BCAA and seven RSOO Experts.

Training on Basic Computer Skill

A one day basic computer skills training was conducted today the 15th June 2018 at the DoAT Conference Hall for the support staff of BCAA and DoAT. Participants were taught on the basic troubleshooting tips on windows, MS Office and hardware while working with computers.

The training was conducted by the officials from ICT Division, MoIC and there were a total of 20 participants who attended.

ATS Meeting

An Air Traffic Service Coordination Meeting was held today at BCAA to improve coordination between pilots, Air Traffic Service Provider and Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority. Moreover some procedures for air traffic services was also deliberatd during the session.

The meeting was attended by Senior Pilot from Druk Air, ATC Officials from DoAT, ANS Expert and ANS Officers from BCAA.

Aviation Policy Consultation Meeting

The Aviation Policy Consultation Meeting with stake holders is being held today the 30th May 2018 at BCAA, Paro. 

The Working Group Members and Officials from MoIC, DoAT, RBHSL and the concerned from the Airlines are attending the meeting.