Happy 111th National Day

BCAA would like to join the Nation and All Bhutanese in offering our prayers and wishes for the 111th National Day 2018.

This is an Auspicious occasion to re-dedicate ourselves and thank our beloved Monarchs for their Majesty’s unwavering love and care for the peace, stability and unity of all Bhutanese.

We offer our prayers for the long life of our Kings on this very special day.


We quote His Majesty’s speech during the 2017 National Day Celebration Address at Haa to remind ourselves to be united as one people one nation.

“For us, it is most important that, no matter how grave the external threats may be, nothing can harm us if we are united like members of a closely bonded family. Our society, as small as it is, cannot be threatened if we are conscious of the potential threats and remain steadfast in protecting our common interests. ” 

We wish all our fellow Bhutanese A very Happy 111th National Day and Tashi Delek.