Workshop On CORSIA

ICT BCAA   February 26, 2019   Comments Off on Workshop On CORSIA

A two days Workshop on CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) is being held at BCAA Conference Hall from 26-27 February 2019.

CORSIA is a new Program initiated by ICAO towards monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions from International Aviation.

The two days Workshop is conducted by three Japanese Experts in line with collaboration with ICAO, namely:

Mr. Hideyuki YAMAMOTO, Manager, Certification Department, Class NK.

Mr. Kenichiro YAMAMOTO, GHG Group Leader, Class NK

Mr. Yasuhiro HARANO, Technical Expert, Class NK.

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau was designated and offered by the ICAO Secretariat to partner Bhutan for CORSIA. Japan intends to provide its experts, who received training at the ICAO Head Office, to Bhutan and conduct CORSIA training program so that the Aviation Sectors in Bhutan can acquire the necessary knowledge about CORSIA for the development and approval of EMPs(Emission Monitoring Plans); and establishment of a national regulatory framework.

The workshop is being attended by officials from the two Airlines, National Environment Commission (NEC) and BCAA Officials of the Airworthiness and Air Navigation Services Sections.


Courtesy: Sonam Tshering, FSD.