Aeronautical SAR Seminar

ICT BCAA   June 21, 2019   Comments Off on Aeronautical SAR Seminar
A one day Aeronautical Search and Rescue (SAR) Seminar was conducted on 18 June 2019 at BCAA, Paro for the stakeholders. The seminar was attended by 12 Participants from BCAA, DoAT-ANSPD, RBHSL, Bhutan Airlines, RBA, RBP/AVSEC (DoAT) and DoAT AFFRS.
The seminar was delivered by the COSCAP-SA CBM SAR Mission Expert from CAA Bangladesh, Mr. M. Ali Reza Khan.
The seminar was organized by BCAA in preparation for Stakeholder consultation of the draft National Aeronautical SAR Plan and SAR Manual.
Courtesy: ANS, BCAA