Training on PPE usage for Airlines’ Personnel

ICT BCAA   March 9, 2020   Comments Off on Training on PPE usage for Airlines’ Personnel

A half day hands on demonstration and training on the usage of PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) was held today (9/3/2020) at the DoAT Conference hall.

The training was carried out specifically for the Airline Crew members as an action plan during health emergencies on board. The participiants were tainined from basic hand washing to full PPE handling techniques with SOPs in detail on the way forward to combat the COVID-19.


The training was organized by MoH and BCAA while the hands on practice and demonstration was carried out by Dr. Chencho Dorji of Gidakom Hospital, Thimphu to the participants.

A second batch of similar training will be conducted for those crew members who were not able to attend today.

Courtesy: PEL Section, BCAA