Air Navigation Services


BCAR-2_Rules Of AIR

BCAR-3_Meterological Services

BCAR-4_Aeronautical Charts

BCAR-5_Units of Measurement

BCAR-11_Air Traffic Services

BCAR-12_Search and Rescue

BCAR-15_Aeronautical Information Services

BCAR-19_Safety Management

BCAR 10 Aeronautical Telecommunication:

Volume-I_Radio Naviagtion Aids

Volume-II_ Communications Procedures including those with PANS status

Volume-III_ Communication Systems

Volume-IV_ Surveillance Radar and Collision Avoidance Systems

Volume-V_ Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization


BCAA-ANS Certification Formatted:

BCAA_ANS_CertificationFormated (1)

ANS Manual :

ATCO PEL Manual_secondEdition_010921

GM BCAR ATCO-PEL_firstEdition_010921

GM_ATM ANS-1ED_01022021

ANS Safety Oversight Manual