Personnel Licensing

COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and Guidances:

COVID-19_Operational guidelines for management of passengers

COVID-19_Guidance on Management of Crew Members_issue 1

COVID Guidance on aircraft cleaning and disinfection-issue 1


Details of Designated Medical Assessor (DMA) and Designated Medical Examiners (DMEs)

DMA, DME Details


BCAP 3100 JOB AID T&PM Approval


BCAP 3100 T& PM Contents

BCAP3100 Application Form

BCAP3100 NOC Form

BCAR PEL_Ammended_Issue 03_ 01.05.2018

Personnel Licencing Procedure Manual (Final):

PLPM Final Version Publish


  • Skill Test

Skill Test form ATPL

Skill Test form CPL