BCAR-M (Section A) Issue 01, Revison 02
Advisory Circular: 
Advisory Circular
1.AIR Application Forms:
AIR Training Record Form
Application for Issue of a Type Acceptance Certificate
Application for Issue of an Export Airworthiness Certificate
Application for Issue of Noise Certificate
Application for Issue of Special Flight permit
Application for Issue, amendment or re-issue of Standard or Restricted Airworthiness Certificate
Application for Registration of Aircraft
Training report form Application for Renewal of an Airworthiness Certificate
Design Change – Application for Approval of Technical Data
2. AIR BCAA Forms:
BCAA Form 1
BCAA Form 2 – Fillable EU
BCAA Form 4
BCAA Form 6
BCAA Form 13
3. AIR Certificates
BCAA Form 3 – 145 Approval Certificate
BCAA Form 14 – M Approval Certificate
BCAA Form 45 -Noise Certificate
Ceritficate of Registration
Certificate of Airworthiness
Radio Station Approval (New!!!)
Special Flight Permit Certificate
Type Acceptance Certificate
4. AIR Checklist
AFS Checklist
AMP Checklist
CoA Checklist
SAFA_Ramp Checklist
Special Flight Permit Checklist
AIR Application and Certificate Index
AIR Checklist Index